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What is cannabis oil vs. hemp seed oil?
CBD oil aka cannabis extract oil is usually an oil extracted directly from the entire cannabis plant – leaves, buds, and stems. Due to the popularity of CBD and cannabis in general – it is now well known that hemp seed oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of cannabis and is usually lower in CBD than the buds. However, hemp seeds do have health benefits and are certainly worth adding to a breakfast smoothie or coffee!

Benefits of Hemp Oil (CBD Oil)
Over the past few years, significant research has been conducted on the hemp plant and its many properties, and this research supports the positive sentiment of the various benefits, both in terms of beauty and from an overall health perspective. CBD has emerged as a rising star and alternative dietary supplement compared to non-organic Over-the-counter. Because CBD is plant-derived, it is considered all-natural and naturally has a healthier reputation and ingredients. However, as with anything, the source should be considered – plants contaminated with pesticides are more harmful to consumers than over-the-counter drugs that have been rigorously tested and are perfectly safe for consumers. Once the industry gets better regulated, the process.  We have always believed that if you are using CBD or hemp extract oil, you should always use a company that utilizes a third-party lab analysis provided to you at each purchase for purity and characterization purposes.

Pain Relief: People use CBD/Hemp Oil for pain relief. More and more studies are being offered to validate manual tests to align and report results, although the results process can be a lengthy and time-consuming task. In the meantime, however, many people do use CBD oil to reduce pain caused by inflammation.

Muscle pain/tension: CBD has also shown promising results and has helped many people with muscle strains. These benefits are directly related to the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant.

Skin/Acne/Cosmetics: CBD is also used to treat acne. A scientific study has been completed with very promising results. Click here to read the full study. Such studies are needed across the board to lend credibility to the claims made.

Focus/Concentration: Many people claim that CBD can help them focus better.

Insomnia: Studies have shown that it helps promote deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction Process (top Cannabis Extraction Machine)
Most cannabis growers send their raw material to processors who will extract the oil from the plant, package it and sell it as CBD oil. The oil is extracted using a solvent – for cannabis, this is usually ethanol, as it is a very fast extraction method. However, due to its powerful capabilities and reputation as a clean extraction method, more and more people are turning to CO2. What is not considered is that ethanol is still introduced at the post-processing stage and must be removed before it can be sold to the customer. If the ethanol used is food grade, then traces of ethanol are not harmful to the end user.

The plant material is completely dried before being ground and placed into the extraction system. The solvent then flows through it and extracts the oil. The solvent is under high pressure and temperature, transforming it into a powerful solvent – it is not a complete liquid, nor is it a complete gas. It is a milky, hazy substance. This is carbon dioxide in a supercritical stage. Once the solvent has passed through the feedstock, it moves to the next chamber, called the extraction vessel, and is depressurized. During this process, the solvent stream turns back into a gas, dropping oil from the stream and falling from the extraction chamber into the collection cup. The solvent stream continues through the system and through the plant feedstock, again and again, in a closed loop, until the end of the run.

The Hemp Nurse CO2 Process
The extracted oil is crude oil, which is where the ethanol is added. In order to refine the oil (remove fats, waxes, lipids), it needs to pass through a filtration system. Ethanol is added, the combined mixture is well homogenized (blended), and then placed in a deep refrigerator overnight. The next day (or later), the mixture is passed through a filter into a flask, sometimes more than once, and this process removes unwanted compounds that were pulled out along with the oil. Once these have been removed, the ethanol needs to be removed, which is done using a rotary evaporator. The oil/ethanol mixture is placed in a flask and placed in a warm bath. The flask is set to rotate and as it warms up, the ethanol boils, enters the condenser coil, and then falls into a small collection flask. As the mixture begins this process, the

On the left is the rotary evaporator in operation, and on the right is the recovered ethanol

Cannabis Nurse Lab CO2 Process
Why is CBD so effective?
Organically our bodies have an endogenous cannabinoid system with receptors attached to cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp. This means that the plant compounds are not rejected, which is why some people test positive for THC a few weeks after ingesting the original product (cannabis). New health benefits are being discovered and further scientific testing is needed before the claims made can be fully validated.

In Summary
CBD is growing rapidly and consumers of CBD are enjoying its benefits because the supplement is temporarily unregulated. Several human studies are underway and the FDA is awaiting the completion of these results to validate or invalidate the health claims. However, despite being included in the Farm Bill and effectively cleared legally, some hemp growers and processors are still facing state and local regulatory issues. Once the plant is federally legalized, it will be regulated, which will benefit everyone, but most importantly – it will benefit consumers.