How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Silver Pieces
As a jewelry seller, your pandora black frday charms jewelry is your main asset.

Obvious, right? Well, if you want to maintain your assets and make money off of them in the future, you’ve got to care for them until they are sold.

Otherwise, you’re losing money. It’s like buying a bunch of delicious vegetables that you’re going to cook and sell at a restaurant and then not refrigerating them properly.

Can you say, “throwing money out the window?”

Vegetables go bad much more quickly than jewelry, but the concept remains the same: You have to invest time and energy in caring for your product now so that you can make a profit off it later.

There are many different things to consider when caring for your jewelry assets, but today we’ll be focusing on how to clean and care for sterling silver jewelry.

Since most of the jewelry offered at Elf925 is sterling silver, we thought this would be a useful topic. And to be honest, there is A LOT of misinformation out there about how to care for your sterling silver jewelry.

Some recommended “tips” will make your silver shinier and brighter in the short-term, but make it EASIER for your silver to tarnish in the long-term.

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1.Why Does Silver Tarnish, Anyway?
If a customer ever accuses you of giving them shoddy sterling silver jewelry simply because it’s tarnished a bit, rest assured – ALL silver jewelry will tarnish with time.

Tarnishing happens as a natural consequence of the molecules in silver interacting with the molecules in sulfur. Sulfur is present both in the air and in common food and household items.

The blog, Silver Magpies, states in a piece titled The 5 Things Everyone Ought to Know About Silver Tarnish:

“Tarnish develops as a chemical reaction. The most common source is through the air (although direct contact with substances that contain sulfur will also cause tarnish).”

Tarnishing can also occur due to silver being exposed to:

Direct sunlight
Chlorinated Water
Tarnish is just like rust on a car – if you care for the car well, rust won’t be an issue.

However, you need to be extra careful if you live in a certain climate. Specifically, if your shop/warehouse is in a coastal area and/or a very humid area, you’ll have to put more work into maintaining your silver than you would otherwise.

Myths About Cleaning Silver That You Shouldn’t Follow
Before we get into the proper ways to care for your sterling silver jewelry, here are a few myths about cleaning silver that you should be aware of:

Myth #1: Toothpaste is a good silver cleaner. Maybe back in the days when toothpaste was mostly baking soda and water, this was true. However, nowadays there are so many additives in toothpaste that you are taking a big risk by using it to clean your silver jewelry.

Myth #2: Commercial silver polishes (like Flitz) are a good choice. Many polishes (including Flitz) are simply too strong and abrasive to be used on silver. While they may help the silver look shiny in the short-term, they will make the silver tarnish more easily in the long run.

Myth #3: The more your customers wear their jewelry, the more they need to clean it. Actually, the opposite may be true. While people have different body chemistries, in general, the oil from your skin acts to protect silver from tarnishing.

Preventing Tarnish and Scratching from Developing

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you can prevent your silver pieces from tarnishing too much in the first place, you’ll save a lot of time and money because you won’t have to rigorously clean your jewelry in order to sell it.

Here are the rules to prevent silver from looking bad:

Air Is the Enemy of Silver
The first thing you need to understand is that air and silver don’t play well.

That sounds ridiculous, but the most common way silver gets tarnished is by exposure to air. The more you can prevent fresh air from coming into contact with your silver, the better that silver will look.

As the Silver Magpies say:

“….silver is generally stored in air-restricted spaces. I say air-restricted because glass front cabinets and silver chests are not airtight and even when stored in these places, tarnish will still eventually develop, just at a slower pace.”

Make sure your jewelry case is relatively air-restricted, and don’t leave sliding pieces of the case open unless you are actively opening or closing the case.

When the day ends, don’t leave your jewelry in the display case. As the Silver Magpies said, a case isn’t really that airtight.

Instead, store your silver in an airtight, soft, fabric-lined box. Alternatively, you could put your silver into small zip-lock baggies.

You need some sort of airtight seal to prevent sulfur and humidity from damaging your assets. And you don’t want to put multiple pieces of jewelry in the same bag/box as they can rub against each other and scratch.

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Latex (no latex gloves!)
Rubber (no rubber gloves, either!)

Never put your jewelry into contact with any of these items, and your jewelry will be safe.

How to Polish Silver That Has Already Been Tarnished

Even if you store silver perfectly, it will still tarnish over time. So it’s likely that you’ll have to polish your silver at least every few months in order to keep your pieces looking good.

There are two ways you can polish silver that we’ll be giving you here. One way is more suited for a maintenance rubdown where the silver isn’t seriously tarnished.

The other way is a little more involved and should be used when you have a piece that is badly tarnished.

Polishing Silver: The Easy Way for Less Serious Cases/Maintenance
If you are just doing maintenance, you don’t need anything more than a polishing cloth and some elbow grease.

Be sure to use a microfiber or pandora black frday charms jewelry cleaning cloth as paper towels or rougher cloths can scratch the surface of the jewelry.

Otherwise, follow these directions from

“When polishing, use long back-and-forth motions that mirror the grain of the silver. Do not rub in circles as this will magnify any tiny scratches.

Also, change to a different section of your cloth frequently to avoid placing tarnish back on the silver. You can use a Q-tip to get into small, detailed areas.”

If the jewelry is a bit more tarnished, you can use one of the following solutions as a cleaner:

A very mild ammonia and phosphate free soap with warm water.
Baking soda and water. states: “Make a paste of baking soda and water and use a clean cloth to apply a pea-sized amount to the silver and polish…. Run the silver piece or pieces under running warm water, and dry with a clean cloth.”
Olive oil and lemon juice: use a ratio of 1/2 cup lemon juice to 1 teaspoon olive oil.
What if none of this is enough? That’s when you have to bring out the last resort (other than paying professional cleaners).



Learn How Manufacturing Your Jewelry in Thailand Can Lower Your Costs and Benefit Your pandora charms only Jewelry Business.
When you’re first starting out, it’s challenging to find a manufacturer that you can trust. If you’re looking for a new manufacturer after a bad experience, or just looking to shift focus strategically in your business, the same is true. It is challenging to find a manufacturer that provides goods that you can count on at a good price, and that you can trust to do what you need them to do.

In this article, we’ll tell you why finding a wholesaler in Thailand is a great move for your jewelry business, and we’ll even tell you exactly what company to use.

It’s clear that brands need a dependable wholesaler and manufacturer who can provide high quality goods at a good price.

Choosing where your jewelry business manufactures its goods is a huge decision. Beyond pricing and quality, which of course you will be looking for, it’s important to know that you can sleep at night knowing the conditions where people work in the factory you choose are safe and ethical. It would be a PR and morality nightmare to be caught in a sweatshop scandal like H&M.

As you look for the manufacturer that is going to collaborate with you, know that Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Vietnam are “The Mighty 5” in manufacturing, as China moves to more high-tech manufacturing.

Among the Mighty Five, Thailand is emerging as the leading manufacturing destination. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, Thailand’s manufacturing exports were worth US$167 billion in 2014. While this puts it slightly behind India, it is it well ahead of Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Due to a highly literate and skilled workforce, Thailand has achieved this high level of output and productivity despite relatively high labor costs as the average monthly wage is US$383. These relatively higher labor costs (in comparison to other countries in the Mighty Five) are a good thing because this means that the employees who are working on your jewelry will be well-paid for their work and you may even go so far as to share with your customers were and how your jewelry is made because you are proud of your Thai team

A jewelry wholesaler located in Thailand is a great choice because there have recently been many measures passed to promote Thailand as the world’s jewelry hub. They are increasing exports in Thailand to stimulate the jewelry industry and the economy. Your company could be a part of this explosive growth!

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For example, imported jewelry duties are exempt on raw materials, semi-finished, and finished goods. That means that you won’t need to pay a tax on the goods that Thailand is exporting to you.

Thailand has recently been increasing the skilled labor salaries and wages which in turn raises the quality of goods. The labor skills that the labor force possesses is also improved because companies are valuing their employees more and investing in their businesses including getting loans to improve and upgrade their machinery and improve productivity. Your jewelry will be made with the most modern techniques on the most modern machinery, making it high quality.

As Thailand puts attention on enhancing labor skills, they are able to inform and educate smaller producers about production processes and technology that large-scale operators and foreign experts have. Although places like China have been manufacturing for a long time, as they shift to more high-tech goods, Thai people will be learning the techniques and skills that those in foreign factories have perfected.

Thailand is also investing in establishing specialized institutes to promote and develop craftsmen and skilled workers to preserve Thai heritage. While you may have specific designs that you want to create for your silver 925 jewelry business, you can be sure that the craftsmen and heritage of Thailand are being preserved through working on your jewelry account.

In turn all of these policy changes stimulate related businesses, tourism, and the general economy of Thailand. These changes have been commended globally, In fact, in 2014, the World Bank rated Thailand 18th overall in terms of the dollar value of its manufacturing output. In 2016, Deloitte promoted the country to 14th place based on the same criteria, a position it is expected to maintain until at least 2020.

Although the Thai jewelry industry is still growing and emerging, the Minister of Finance asserted that it has strong potential of Thailand.

As a jewelry business owner, this is great for you because it’s clear that the infrastructure is present for you to succeed in your business dealings with Thailand. With the reduced taxes and duties, the increase exports, the better work environments and wages for employees, you can feel good about working with a Thai jewelry wholesale supplier like ELF925.

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Thailand also has relatively well-developed infrastructure with six deep sea ports and two

The Politics of Imports

Recently the 45th American Presidential Administration proposed a 20 percent tax on all Mexican goods to pay for a wall on the southern border of the U.S. between the U.S. and Mexico. While Mexico does make beautiful 925 sterling silver jewelry, a 20 percent tax on those goods for jewelry importers and businesses could cause the price of U.S. consumer goods produced in Mexico to skyrocket.

Although Mexico is one of the biggest trading partners with the U.S., this kind of tax would force American jewelry businesses to look elsewhere for reliable sources where they can import jewelry from for their businesses.

Thailand is an excellent choice for those shifting from Mexican jewelry imports to another wholesale jewelry company. Like Mexico, Thai jewelry wholesalers will provide great prices and very high quality goods. With the ELF925 shipping and ordering process, you will also receive your jewelry orders quickly and easily.


Ordering your wholesale pandora charms only  jewelry from a Thai company like ELF925 checks all of the boxes. You’ll get the quality you’re looking for at the right price. You’ll receive your order fast from people who really care about your products, and you’ll sleep at night knowing that you’re doing business with an ethical company. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends for Fall 2016

The sterling silver jewelry industry is unique because it is in a constant state of flux. As fashion changes every season, so does people’s tastes and preferences,pandora charms only . The sterling silver industry also changes to coincide with the trends that are in demand yet timeless.

Sterling silver wholesalers normally invest in their stock in advance, so it is especially important to keep up with trends and even spot them in their early stages. This ensures that the stocks sell in a timely manner without having to be discounted to make room for the new jewelry.

A profitable business cannot be run successfully without being aware of jewelry trends. To help clients and customers stay ahead of their competitors, here is a roundup of the latest sterling silver jewelry trends for Fall 2016.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends for Fall 2016
Jewelry trends run parallel to the rest of the fashion industry, since they compliment and accessorize the fashion looks to make them cohesive. The colors that are on the runways now will have a significant impact on the sterling silver jewelry trends for Fall 2016.

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This Season’s Light Color Palette

The color trends for Fall 2016 are fairly light, with light blue, light pink, and light gray being the most popular with women. This is perfect for jewelers who stock sterling silver jewelry because silver compliments these light colors perfectly. Sterling silver jewelers can even stock pieces set with blue and pink stones for an even more cohesive accessory statement. Sterling silver jewelry with small crystal stones is also sure to be a hit, because it will serve as a sparkling accessory to the pastel colors.

Ultra-Feminine Sterling Silver Pieces

The ultra-feminine look is back in women’s fashion trends. This means that ultra-feminine jewelry is sure to sell well as the perfect accessories to complete these looks. Thin, fine rings and bangles are a couple of examples of these sterling silver jewelry trends for Fall 2016. Floral or heart designs are also great compliments to ultra-feminine fashion trends.


Removing and Preventing Tarnish on Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is bound to tarnish over time if it is exposed to air. Pandora charms only,Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% hardening alloys such as copper. These other metals react to moisture and sulfur in the air, causing the sterling silver tarnish. For this reason, sterling silver tarnishes faster in areas with a lot of air pollution and high humidity. Chemicals such as hairspray, perfume, and body lotion can also speed up the tarnishing process.

If you own any jewelry, it is important to learn about removing and preventing tarnish on sterling silver jewelry in order to enjoy them for a long time.

Preventing Tarnish on Sterling Silver Jewelry
The most effective way to prevent sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing is to store it in a clean, dry airtight container such as a Ziploc bag or Tupperware.
You may want to use an anti-tarnish strip with the jewelry in the container, which will help to absorb tarnish-causing elements.
Do not wear sterling silver jewelry in the shower, hot tub, or swimming pool.
Do not leave sterling silver jewelry in the bathroom where it can be exposed to high humidity and moisture.
Minimize the contact to hairspray, perfume, and lotion by using these products sparingly and prior to wearing your jewelry.
After removing your sterling silver jewelry, clean with a soft dry cloth prior to storing it.

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Removing Tarnish on Sterling Silver Jewelry
If a piece of sterling silver jewelry shows signs of tarnish, clean it right away without letting it sit longer.
To remove oxidation from silver, use a silver polishing cloth. If the cloth does not remove all the tarnish, wash the jewelry (without stones or pearls) in warm water.
Put a few drops of mild dish washing soap in the warm water, then immerse the jewelry in the water and gently hand wash.
You can use a Q tip or soft baby toothbrush for tight corners.
For sterling silver jewelry that has gemstones or pearls, use a Q tip with mild dish washing soap to clean only the silver areas.
Once your pieces are thoroughly rinsed, make sure they are completely dry before storing.
Jewelry cleaning solutions are another option for removing and preventing tarnish on sterling silver jewelry. These solutions will remove any and all oxidation, even on pieces that are meant to have oxidation to bring out textures and patterns.
If any of these solutions do not successfully remove the tarnish from the sterling silver jewelry, it may require a visit to a professional jeweler who can use more advanced equipment and techniques.

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It is not recommended to use toothpaste or baking soda for cleaning tarnish, as they may scratch the surface of the silver.
Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach or acetone to clean your silver because they can make silver more dull and ruin the surface.

The most effective approach to removing and preventing tarnish on sterling silver jewelry is to properly store clean, dry sterling silver to prevent the tarnish in the first place! If tarnishing does begin to surface, cleaning it as soon as it appears will make the process much easier.

Removing and preventing tarnish on sterling silver Pandora charms only jewelry  is one of the best ways you can enjoy your beautiful pieces for years to come.


How to Wear Sterling Silver Bracelets

Everyone knows about the versatility of sterling silver bracelets. Pandora charms only,They come in thousands of styles and designs. In addition, they are the most durable form of silver used for jewelry. They can enhance the appearance and style of anyone who wears them correctly. Not all sterling silver bracelets will suit everybody. It is important to get to know the different style of sterling silver bracelets.

Sterling Silver Chain Bracelets
These types of silver bracelets are very common. They are made with silver links or rope chains. The chain bracelet is versatile because it can be with casual or formal attire.

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets
Charm bracelets are meaningful and timeless. Charms can symbolize something personal such as a loved one or a memory. They can also symbolize love, life, and protection. One of the great things about charm bracelets is that they can be customized to reflect your story and style. Wear one meaningful charm or 20 fun charms all together to make a statement. Charm bracelets are great as everyday bracelets because they are fun and meaningful.

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Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets
Cuff bracelets are very fashionable these days. They are in keeping with the trend of wearing chunky, bold pieces of jewelry. Cuff bracelets come in a variety of different styles. Some cuff bracelets are encrusted with gems and pearls, ideal for formal occasions. In addition, some cuff bracelets are reminiscent of warriors during the Roman Empire. Either way, this bold and beautiful style is here to stay.

Sterling Silver Gothic Bracelets
Gothic, Celtic, and Baroque jewelry have become very popular all over the world. These types of bracelets can incorporate crosses, skulls, and jewels inspired from those time periods. In addition, silver Gothic bracelets are perfect for those who like to stand out in a crowd. Giani Inspirations is a great example of a designer jeweler that specializes in high quality Gothic sterling silver jewelry.

When deciding how to wear sterling silver bracelets, keep in mind that you are the best dictator of your style. What are your interests? What is important to you? With some research, you will be able to find the perfect sterling silver bracelet that you will enjoy for years to come!