Your Guide to Success With Women

2 Methods to Overcome Approach Anxiety

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Recently, my posts have concentrated on what is called “outer game”, which is a set of techniques and methods to approach and attract women. Now, while outer game is important, it can never work alone, without building a strong inner game and confidence with women.

Confidence with women is important first of all, because without it you will suffer from a strong fear of approaching women. Lack of confidence is the No.1 reason for this fear.

However, confidence is a basic masculine quality that every woman will be looking for in a man. A woman will always check how confident you are, and she will even use “shit tests” – questions and tests to see if you are really a confident and strong man, or perhaps you are just trying to be.

So, basically, every side in your success with women is connected to your confidence.


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Women Are Only Human Beings

There is a very negative belief that many men have about women. For some reason, men think that a woman is some kind a “holy creature”. That she deserves more, that she needs to receive special treatment.

Yes, it could be a good idea to pay the bill on a first date. And some novelty will be appreciated by women. But there is no reason to think that because a woman has tits and a pussy, she is better or more important than you.

If you see an attractive woman on the street, it’s OK to approach her. If you are on a third date with a girl, it’s OK to propose to go to your place. And it’s also OK to be late on a first date.

The idea is that you don’t need to give women special treatment because they are woman. It’s a big key to confidence with women – just understand that there is no reason not to be confident.

If you are confident around men, you can behave and feel the same around women as well.

Nothing Bad Can Happen To You

Receiving a slap or being strongly embarrassed by a woman is something that only happens in your nightmares – only in your mind.

In reality, if you approach a woman or say something to her, nothing bad will happen to you.

If you approach a girl, the worst thing that can happen to you is that she will tell you that she’s not interested. If you try to kiss a girl, she might refuse.

You’re not going to die or get hurt. So stop being afraid of women. In fact, as a member of the stronger sex, women should be afraid of you. So why are you so shaking before approaching her?

She Is Not The Only Girl On Earth

Another common mistake men do, is being “afraid to ruin things” with a specific girl. But that’s a mistake, because by being afraid to behave “yourself”, you become very unattractive to women, and that’s what ruins your chances.

As a man, you need to understand that out there, there is an endless variety of women. Women need to wait for men to approach them. But you can approach as many women as you want.

When you are in a club, feel free to say whatever you want and behave as you wish. If a girl rejects you, you can go and approach other women.

The idea is never to think that you’ve met the only girl on earth. She is not special. You can have as many women as you want, so don’t be afraid of losing this specific girl.

You Are The Prize

In most of the interactions that men create with women, they present the girl as “the prize”. They show the girl that they really want her, and try to flatter and impress her. In this kind of an interaction, the girl will always have a higher value than the guy.

But think about it – you don’t know the girl, maybe she is not interesting at all, maybe you will not like her? But there is one thing that you can be sure about – you love yourself. You know that you are a great guy that every woman would love to be with.

By accepting the fact that you are the prize, that women need to work hard to get your attention, you will convey higher confidence.

Get Used To Approaching Women

The last principle that I would like to discuss might seem connected to outer game, but in fact it’s a great way to improve your confidence.

On of the reasons for not being confident in life, in general, is because we are afraid of things that we are not experienced with. Most of the men in the world hardly approach women. They hardly approach because they are afraid to approach. Sounds like a circle of fear, right?

Well, the way to break this circle is by forcing yourself to approach. What I would suggest, is to begin with approaching women that you are not really interested – this will always be easier.

Get yourself a habit to approach women. What helped me was a promise I gave myself, to approach at least one woman every day. Just one, even if I wasn’t attracted to her. Over time, it will give you great experience in approaching, and make you very confident.

Confidence is something you can control. It’s connected with your beliefs system and your experience. Understand the importance of building confidence, and invest your time and emotions in creating it.

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