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11 best Camping accessories for the new Subaru Crosstrek and Forester.

11 best Camping accessories for the new Subaru Crosstrek and Forester.

According to a recent report by the American Campsite Association (KOA), camping has exploded in popularity over the past six years.An estimated 7 million people have started camping since 2014, and about 1 million new families bought tents in 2018.Outdoor adventures, from cycling to hiking to kayaking, are on the rise.

The report also says that campers are switching from using tents to less traditional options, such as sleeping in cars and on rooftops.That’s why owning a Subaru is so popular with younger generations with active lifestyles, who are opting for the 2020 Subaru Forester, Crosstrek and Outback all-wheel drives.

What are the best camping accessories in Subaru?

You don’t need to pull a camper van or even buy a tent to enjoy being away from the city and civilization.You’ll want accessories to make your camping trip enjoyable and keep your vehicle clean.Subaru can supply the next six accessories.

To keep your vehicle clean after the wilderness, the Subaru all-weather mat is the perfect solution ($69.95).Many car owners bring their furry friends along, and the car divider/dog protector is a great way to place the animal safely behind the second seat.($299.95).

When you lower the second row of seats, the cloth seat back is exposed and can get soiled or torn.The rear seat-back protector ($69.95) provides additional protection for the seat-back during bulk shipments.

The back row cargo net is the perfect way to safely pack away your camping equipment, or your dog’s toys.The trunk lid ($149.95) keeps your valuables out of your car during the trip.

To keep the cargo area clean, the cargo pallet/trunk pallet ($69.95) prevents stains and dust while providing a surface that helps reduce movement of the cargo while driving.It can be easily removed and cleaned.

Other camping necessities

If you don’t want to sleep in your Subaru Forester, Crosstrek or Outback, a rooftop tent can turn your Subaru into an outdoor venue wherever you want.Torque News has brought you seven of the best rooftop tents, and we took a look at seven of the best roof racks to provide a safe and sturdy platform for your tent.These accessories apply to all three models.


The 2020 Subaru Outback, the 2020 Subaru Forester and the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek.

Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.You can use hinged bike racks or roof mounted bike racks to transport your mountain bikes.We studied them all, and you can read more about them here.

The next two camping accessories will take your Subaru to the next level.There’s a cool, easy to install, camping system that includes a cooking stove, water and a folding bed frame and mattress.You can look at three different systems here.

The last item is a car refrigerator unit to keep your food fresh and cold.We have done research and here are 8 of the best on-board refrigerator units for your Subaru Crosstrek, Forester or Outback.Happy camping and happy 4th of July!

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Denis Flierl has spent more than 30 years in the automotive industry consulting with major automotive brands.He is an accredited member of The Rocky Mountain Automotive Press and is the founder of the Subaru Report, where he covers all models of Japanese automakers.More stories can be found on the Torque News Subaru page.Follow Denis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Pluck up the courage to handle the garden hoe


It is now July, and there is no clear answer to the question whether we will have the autumn sports meeting, and if so, when it will start.A lot of local school districts say they want to start in early August, so we’ll see how things go.In the meantime, while I wait for all these things to be ready, I must turn my attention to the garden.

One thing is for sure, my garden and garden are beginning to bear fruit, so I will be busy with work in the days ahead.

I enjoy farming, planting, and sowing, and wait to see the fruits of my and Vicki’s labors come true.Now I just hope we can catch up in the next few weeks.

My years as a dairy and grass farmer still seemed to be an advantage, for I did not seem to have lost the magic of grass farming.Back then, I wanted to grow grass, and now I’m trying to keep it from covering me.After all the rain we’ve received over the past few days, grass has made a dramatic comeback from near-extinction, especially the infamous crab claw.


As I sit here writing this column, I am terrified that I will have to take out my garden hoe again and declare war on the grass in the garden space.It’s hard work, but once I’ve done it all or most or part of it, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.Now, I don’t know which of these three is true.Time will tell me, also will tell my aching back.

The best thing about growing up on a farm is being able to drive and/or operate all kinds of machinery and tools, but I have to be honest, after all my years of farming, using a garden hoe is near the bottom of my list.

I didn’t like digging in the garden as a child, as a teenager, as a young adult, and now as an old man, I’m still afraid to pull out a hoe.

I don’t know why I have such an aversion to an ordinary, mundane tool.I mean, when you’re done with this tool, your flowers and vegetables look so great because they can grow unimpeded by the vegetation.

I think using a garden hoe in my house is like taking medicine to get better.It was hard at first, but when everything was said and done, the final effect was huge.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, ”Farming may seem easy when your plow is a pencil and you are thousands of miles from a cornfield.”

I think the garden hoe is the same. It looks like a very humble tool, but when you pick it up and start using it, you will soon find the meaning of manual labor.

”Gardening takes a lot of water — mostly in the form of sweat,” another person once said.

In the face of the future garden hoe work and gathering work, I say amen to this, but in the end, we will have the harvest, it is all worth it.

I wish you a happy National Day, peace!


FRP Anti-glare Plate on Highway

The anti-glare plate is a traffic safety product that is manufactured and installed on the central divider of the expressway to solve the glare of the opposite headlights. It is mostly installed on the guardrail of the central separation belt of the expressway or between the guardrails, and some are set on the central opening movable guardrail.

In terms of the production process, there are glass fiber reinforced plastic compression molding, glass fiber reinforced plastic extrusion molding, plastic roto-molding, plastic blow molding, plastic injection molding and plastic extrusion molding;

From the size distribution, the height is from 0.7m to 1.1 m, the width is from 140 mm to 290 mm, and the thickness is from 3 mm to 70 mm.

There are also a variety of materials, such as SMC fiberglass, DMC fiberglass, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS and so on.


The glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-glare board is a composite profile made of glass fiber roving, glass fiber, continuous mat, unsaturated polyester resin and fillers, using a special pultrusion forming equipment. The product has the following advantages :

  1. Lightweight and strong
  2. Corrosion-free
  3. The good effect of anti-glare
  4. Stable structure, beautiful appearance, firm device
  5. Good weather resistance

The Best Window Curtains, According to Interior Designers

Fortunately, adding curtains is one of the simplest — and less costly — projects you can undertake to transform a room.To help you dress your Windows with the least headache, we turn to 10 interior designers for their favorite curtains, many of which are surprisingly budget-friendly.(If you’re shopping for curtains, you’re likely looking at rods, and this list has a bunch of expert-recommended options to choose from.)

Before we get curtains — which include a range of off-the-shelf styles in different opacity, color and patterns, as well as a couple of custom options — some quick guidelines on how to size your curtains for your space.When it comes to measuring your Windows, says Megan Hersch, owner of Studio MG Interiors and RoomLift, an online interior design service, you should measure 12 to 24 inches beyond the sides of the Windows to determine how wide each curtain panel should be so you have some collection.Determining the length of curtains, Hersch says, depends on how formal you want them to look — and how much cleaning you want to do.”I usually measure the curtain so it just” kisses ”the floor,” she says.That way, nothing will drag and catch the dirt, but you’re sure they won’t look too short.”For a more formal look, she recommends adding an extra 1.5 inches to make the overhang just ”break” on the floor.The most dramatic appearance is to allow panels to ”accumulate” on the floor, which means adding anywhere from 8 to 12 inches to the length of the curtain (the type of fabric, whether hard like taffeta or soft like velvet, will also determine how it naturally accumulates on the floor).


If you want something from your curtains — privacy, light and appearance — without committing too much to any one of those needs, transparent curtains are a good choice.As Megan Huffman, designer at Modsy, an online interior design service, puts it, transparent curtains ”provide the ability to let natural light into the space and help illuminate a dark room while still allowing privacy,” adding, ”Nothing I like more than crisp white transparent curtains.”She recommends this pair of curtains from West Elm, which features subtle cross stripes to add a bit of texture.If you like the look of a clear curtain during the day but want to keep light out at night, Huffman says, these curtains can easily hang on double curtain rods for a thicker, more opaque shade.


Brompton Bicycle’s UK online sales soar fivefold during lockdown

Brompton ​Bicycle has said it sold five times as many bikes online since launching its Direct to Home initiative at the start of April, a week after the UK entered lockdown.
Many of the bike shops the West London-based company would usually trade through are either closed completely or restricting their activities to servicing and repairs.
The shift online has therefore helped Brompton satisfy demand for its folding bikes, much of it from people looking to switch to cycling for their commutes and avoid public transport.
A spokesperson for the company told Telegraph.co.uk: (link is external) “Online sales from both our accredited retailers and via Brompton have grown rapidly (five times higher than the previous month) since the launch of our Direct To Home service at the start of April.”
They added that organic web traffic for the UK had also risen by 62 per cent during the past five weeks as people browse its bikes online.
To cater for the surge in online interest, the company has now introduced a video call service, named Brompton Live In-Store Expert, which puts customers in touch with staff from the Brompton Junction store opened last year at London’s Westfield White City.
The service, available from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday, enables customers to seek advice on Brompton’s range of bikes as well as accessories and clothing.
Stephen Loftus, Brompton’s chief commercial officer, said: “We have always been committed to deliver the highest level of customer service we can, and I am delighted we are able to now offer our customers an engaging way to access the expertise of our retail staff so that they can have confidence in finding their perfect Brompton and have it delivered to one our accredited retail stores or straight to their door.
“This new service is an example of how we are adapting and developing our business to meet the changing consumer needs due to the impact of COVID-19,” he added.
In March, the company’s Brompton Bike Hire arm started letting NHS key workers hire its bikes for free to enable them to get to work while avoiding public transport.
> Brompton Bike Hire in fundraising drive to make more bikes for NHS workers – here’s how you can help
Brompton also turned over part of the production facilities at its Greenford factory to support the Wheels For Heroes initiative enabling more bikes to be made available to NHS staff, and launched a crowdfunding campaign (link is external) so the public could also back it, with more than £300,000 raised to date.